Y2K Information
"What is Y2K Bug? During 1960s to late 80s there was a widespread practice in all computer softwares to use two digits for repreasenting a year rather than using 4 digits. This was done to save computer disk and memory space because these resources were relatively expensive in those times. As the ye... read more

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Y2K - How Serious Will It Be?
A rational evaluation of the impact of Y2K on life in the United States. It seems likely that the panic of 1999 could be far worse than problems associated ...

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Y2K and the Apocalypse
The connection between the start of the millennium and the Y2K bug has led some far-right evangelicals to promote both anti-government and, in some cases, anti ...

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What is Y2K? - Definition from Whatis.com
Y2K is an abbreviation for 'year 2000.' As that year approached, many feared that computer programs storing year values as two-digit figures (such ...

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