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"The Scary Movie series is a series of films which mainly specialize in spoofing popular horror films, which have collectively grossed over $817 million at the box-office worldwide. ..."

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Good, Scary Movie? What is good scary movie? I'm going to be ...
Wow, there are so many scary movies I've seen. Most are corny, fake, and dumb. But I can name a few that are spectacular. 1. The Blair Witch Project. ...

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Scary Movie
Scary Movie is a comedy film that parodies many of the late 1990s horror films and some classic horror films with the main story line based on Scream.

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Best scary movies? What are the best scary/suspense movies ...
I tried to put these in order as much as I could. I really need to make a master list for suggestions since really good films can slip my mind. ...

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