Geico Gecko


What accent does Geico the Gecko speak? My name is Sunchai ...
My name is Sunchai Hamcumpai, a graduate student in English at Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA. I am writing to you to consult you ideas regarding ...

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Geico Gecko Commercials -
Top questions and answers about Geico-Gecko-Commercials. Find 9 questions and answers about Geico-Gecko-Commercials at Read more.

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GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) is an automobile insurance company in the United States. ... The Geico gecko is a popular creature on commercials for the company. ...

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All About the Geico Gecko
"If we are looking for one of the most famous lizards in the world today, the GEICO Gecko lizard has to be hands down the most popular lizard in the advertising world. ..."

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