Edwin Booth


A Finale, Frozen in Time
"Edwin Booth, the actor, died in his room at the Players Club in 1893. Since then, only the ... In the living area, chunks of the floral wallpaper have fallen away and the Persian ..."

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Edwin Booth (American actor) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Edwin Booth (American actor), Nov. 13, 1833near Belair, Md., U.S. June 7, 1893New York, N.Y.renowned tragedian of the 19th-century American stage, ...

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Edwin Booth (1833-1893)
"BOOTH, EDWIN [THOMAS](1833-1893), American actor, was the second son of Junius Brutus Booth, and was born in Belair, Maryland, on the 13th of November 1833. His father (1796-1852) was born in London on the 1st of May 1796, and, after trying printing, law, painting and the sea, made his first ..."

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Booth family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Booth family were an English-American theatrical family of the 19th century. ... Edwin Booth bought an interest in the Winter Garden Theatre at 667 ...

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