Burn Notice

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Season 4 2010-06-03
13Eyes Open Michael tries to prevent a bombing arranged by a lawyer out for revenge against a local gang. Elsewhere, Michael and Jesse must track down a highly sensitive document that's been stolen.
17 Characters 6 Music 1 Locations
14Hot Property Michael must work with an enemy to keep chemical weapons out of the wrong hands.
8 Characters 5 Music 1 Locations
15Brotherly Love When Michael's brother Nate comes for a visit, he is all business with the fact that someone of his acquaintance had some cars stolen. Michael offers to help and find themselves wrapped in a drug ring as well. Meanwhile, Jesse and Sam arrive in Dominican Republic for the auction, but they have plans to make sure that there is not going to be an auction at all.
8 Characters 13 Music 2 Locations
16Dead or Alive Michael and Sam work to clear an old friend of Sam's; Michael must meet with Jesse's handler.
7 Characters 7 Music 1 Locations
17Out of the Fire Brennan vows to release valuable data; Michael must try to turn the tables.
7 Characters 6 Music 1 Locations
18Last Stand Michael's actions force a tactical assault team to pursue him.
5 Characters 10 Music 1 Locations
Season 5 2011-06-23
1Company Man Although still burned, Michael works alongside his old agency to bring down the people who burned him. Following the trail leads them to the heart of Venezuela.
12 Characters 2 Locations
2Bloodlines Michael helps a woman track down her cousin, who's caught up in a human-trafficking scheme, but is dismayed when Madeline becomes involved in the plot to rescue her.
15 Characters 1 Locations
3Mind Games Nate returns to Miami to seek Michael's help to go after a loan shark who's harassing a widow. The guys soon discover that the loan shark is not all that he seems, however.
13 Characters 1 Locations
4No Good Deed When Barry's brother is framed for a server heist by a ruthless hacker, the team tries to track down her super-computer before it's too late.
20 Characters 1 Locations
5Square One Michael is involved in a CIA murder investigation; the team helps a former Army sniper.
12 Characters 1 Locations
6Enemy of My Enemy When an attack drone is sold to the Serbians, Michael is called in to try to get it back. With the help of Sam, they stage a theft from a Drug King-Pin and frame the Serbs for it. However, when the situation is close to be compromised, Michael tries to lean on the CIA to help, but a feud between Sam and two CIA agents might blow their chance to save Sam in time.
18 Characters 1 Locations
7Beseiged When a woman's ex-husband takes their ailing son to an armed compound, Michael and Sam vow to bring him back to her. But the compound has more firepower than anyone was expecting. Meanwhile, Fiona and Jesse babysit an odd day laborer who may be connected to Max's murder.
12 Characters 1 Locations
8Hard Out Michael and Jesse join Agent Pearce for a CIA extraction mission on a Caribbean island, but an army of mercenaries makes it impossible for them to leave. Meanwhile, Fiona does a favor for a powerful ex in order to get information for Michael.
17 Characters 1 Locations
9Eye For An Eye Fiona and Jesse take a surveillance job for a powerful pharmaceuticals magnate, but there's more to his company than meets the eye. Michael and Sam interrogate a bomb-maker involved in the cover-up of Max's murder.
14 Characters 1 Locations
10Army of One Michael goes undercover with a group of hijackers in order to assist Jesse with a security job, but he changes the plan when the hijackers take hostages at the airport. Madeline assists Michael by organizing the hostages and trying to lead them to safety.
18 Characters 1 Locations
11Better Halves In order to extract a dangerous bio-weapons specialist, Michael and Fiona go undercover as a rich, married couple at a South American resort. Back in Miami, Sam and Jesse set traps in hopes of snaring Max's killer.
16 Characters 2 Locations
12Dead To Rights With all evidence pointing to him, Michael must perform a desperate act in order to clear his name as Max's murderer. And in a bit of bad timing, Larry returns with a job for Michael and he won't take "no" as an answer.
12 Characters 1 Locations