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Season 1 2007-04-22
1Episode 1 Kingdom & Kingdom handle two cases - a probate with mysteriously disappearing funds, and a case against a local land developer. Between being a small town solicitor, an unexpected visit from his sister and some sad business to attend to for his brother, Peter Kingdom has his hands full.
188 Characters 27 Products 2 Music 96 Info 86 Locations
2Episode 2 Peter helps an immigrant worker get her son back from an unfriendly farmer; Market Shipborough prepares for the annual dyke-leaping competition.
137 Characters 29 Products 2 Music 68 Info 66 Locations
3Episode 3 Peter attempts to help an old sailor get his insurance payout; Beatrice meets the man of her dreams; Snell continues his fight with the council; Peter finds more evidence of Simon's secret life.
112 Characters 18 Products 1 Music 42 Info 50 Locations
4Episode 4 Peter looks into a case of discrimination by Cambridge University; Gloria's son gets into trouble; Beatrice reunites with Alan.
119 Characters 13 Products 1 Music 34 Info 42 Locations
5Episode 5 Peter deals with an interesting divorce case, while Lyle deals with a group of squatters, and the horse racing bug hits everyone in town, including Scott Millington.
113 Characters 14 Products 55 Info 48 Locations
6Episode 6 Snell follows his dream; Lyle helps an old man in his house; Beatrice tries to be better friends with Gloria; Peter is worried Lyle is going to quit.
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Season 2 2008-01-13
1Series 2, Episode 1 Peter tries to save a lighthouse; Lyle tries to solve a burger stand feud; Honor and baby become part of the family.
123 Characters 2 Products 1 Music 20 Info 34 Locations
2Series 2, Episode 2 Naturists (nudists) are being ejected from a beach; an older man dates a younger woman, angering his daughter; Beatrice secret is revealed; Peter tries to deal with Simon.
131 Characters 6 Products 17 Info 42 Locations
3Series 2, Episode 3 Simon is put in jail; a pregnant woman calls on Peter to sue her American boyfriend; Snell takes on the US Army; Honor is feeling left out.
105 Characters 9 Products 3 Music 18 Info 45 Locations
4Series 2, Episode 4 Peter deals with a cricket club and a sex shop; Simon has an affair with the man who causes town controversy; a local activist makes friends with Lyle; Snell buys Gloria a birthday present.
109 Characters 7 Products 15 Info 38 Locations
5Series 2, Episode 5 Peter and Simon visit Cambridge and deal with an old professor's issue; Lyle and Scott start up their own business, and stir up trouble.
92 Characters 11 Products 5 Info 35 Locations
6Series 2, Episode 6 Beatrice returns with the baby; Lyle helps a young girl and her mother; Aunt Auriel's home hires Peter; 500k bees are missing; a big storm brings tragedy.
111 Characters 5 Products 13 Info 39 Locations
Season 3 2009-06-07
1Series 3, Episode 1 Gloria's grumpy father annoys everyone; Peter deals with an injured soldier's case; Lyle deals with a discrimination case; the Alvis is stolen.
122 Characters 6 Products 20 Info 44 Locations
2Series 3, Episode 2 Peter investigates a crop circle phenomenon; Lyle meets his match on a case against the council.
118 Characters 3 Products 16 Info 33 Locations
3Series 3, Episode 3 Peter deals with an animal activist case; Lyle tries to help some nuns; Beatrice goes to great lengths to get Peter off her back about Petra's father's identity.
110 Characters 1 Products 7 Info 43 Locations
4Series 3, Episode 4 Peter defends a difficult client; A judge asks Peter to help with his own blackmail case; Druids battle with golfers; Lyle's dates with Emily keep going wrong; Petra's father's identity is revealed.
110 Characters 9 Products 6 Info 40 Locations
5Series 3, Episode 5 Peter tries, and fails, to go on vacation; Lyle deals with his family in Stockton; everyone in town deals with new CCTV surveillance cameras.
145 Characters 1 Products 9 Info 42 Locations
6Series 3, Episode 6 Peter awaits his blood test results; a Duke and a Lord fight over their inheritance; Lyle deals with a river contamination issue; Peter receives some shocking news.
114 Characters 4 Products 10 Info 43 Locations