Arrested Development

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Season 1 2003-11-02
1Pilot George Bluth, Sr. is arrested and his son Michael has to keep the rest of the family together, even at the cost of his own sanity.
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2Top Banana Michael visits George Sr. in jail. George Sr. assures his son that the family will do just fine without the company money because "there's always money in the banana stand." In addition to claiming he's having the time of life as an inmate, he asks Michael to give his roommate T-Bone (a "flamer") a job at the Bluth Company when he's released. Michael refuses.
117 Characters 27 Products 3 Music 37 Info 33 Locations
3Bringing Up Buster Buster gets kicked out of Lucille's apartment and moves in with Michael; Tobias mistakenly arranges for George Michael to kiss Steve Holt in the school play, thinking he's playing matchmaker when in reality, George Michael wants to kiss Maeby and Maeby wants to kiss Steve Holt.
99 Characters 40 Products 2 Music 29 Info 39 Locations