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Celia Imrie

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Network: ITV1
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YouTube - Celia Imrie
Calendar GirlsDalziel and Pascoe - Above the LawDoc Martin - Going Bodmin Heartlands4.50 From PaddingtonHighlander 1 - 1986House of Whipcord - 1974Shoestring...

0 Up Votes, 0 Down Votes, 302 Clicks, Rank of 304

YouTube - Imagine Me & You Celia Imrie interview
This is an interview with Celia Imrie about Imagine Me & You starring Piper Perabo and Lena Headey.

0 Up Votes, 0 Down Votes, 189 Clicks, Rank of 191

BBC - Radio 4 Woman's Hour -Celia Imrie
The Olivier award-winning actress Celia Imrie is well known for playing Miss Babs in Acorn Antiques. She has also starred in many films such as St. ...

0 Up Votes, 0 Down Votes, 101 Clicks, Rank of 103

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