Dr. Cooper Freedman

Paul Adelstein

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Network: ABC
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YouTube - Private Practice: Paul Adelstein
Paul Adelstein, Dr. Cooper Freedman on PRIVATE PRACTICE, joins Teresa Strasser and John Fugelsang on TV Watercooler. They discuss his history of on-line dati...

0 Up Votes, 0 Down Votes, 185 Clicks, Rank of 187

Paul Adelstein Fan Club Fansite with photos, videos, and more
Fanpop community fan club for Paul Adelstein fans to share, discover content and connect with other fans of Paul Adelstein. ...

0 Up Votes, 0 Down Votes, 160 Clicks, Rank of 162

Paul Adelstein
Paul Adelstein is an American actor known for his portrayal of Agent Paul Kellerman on the FOX television series Prison Break. ...

0 Up Votes, 0 Down Votes, 118 Clicks, Rank of 120


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